World Kugel Day Festival

SUNDAY, AUGUST 19, 2-5PM – Jews have been seeking comfort for thousands of years. Many stopped seeking when they found kugel. It’s a taste of childhood, whether enjoyed as a weekly Sabbath treat or an annual holiday side dish. Some mystics ascribe kugel special powers, while many fine chefs and Jewish mothers consider kugel creation an art. So, for many reasons, this homey casserole is well worth celebrating! The first annual World Kugel Day Festival will include a Kugel Cook Off and Tasting,

Denver’s Own Grown Ean Seeb

Daniel Asher, Executive Chef, Linger and Root Down Restaurants
Robin Bar-On, Executive Chef, Udi’s & Pickled Lemon
Debbie “Kugelcakes” Foster
Harriet Klapper, Self-Proclaimed Kugel Queen
Ellice “Some Like It Savory” Krivel
Hindy Mintz, Jewish Center of South Metro Denver
Arthur Rosenblum, Kugel Whisperer

Mike Gellman, SpireMedia
Bruce Gomez, Local Artist & All Around Good Egg
Beth Horwitz, Chailands Ranch Community Ambassador
Mark Millenson, Mark Millenson Catering


The event includes ive music by Rocky Mountain Jewgrass, a community art project and noodle art and games for kids. You’ll walk away with new kugel recipes for your High Holiday feasts, and an inexplicable sense of calm brought on by this tasty traditional treat.

PRICE: $10 members/$15 non-members/$25 families. CLICK TO REGISTER.