“We Must Remember” at Denver FilmCenter/Colfax

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 18 – “We Must Remember” is a documentary about sixteen American high school students who discover the Holocaust while spending a year producing a film on the Holocaust. Shot in Germany, Poland, Austria, Washington, D.C., and Central and Southern California, this unique film captures the experiences of sixteen teens as they interview Holocaust survivors and American veterans, visit two German high schools where they interview German teens on their perspectives on this part of their country’s history, and film inside three concentration camp memorial sites.

Through generous funding from the family of Holocaust survivor Miryam Brand, the Mizel Museum is in its sixth year of presenting The Miryam Brand Holocaust Education Film Project for metro-area middle and high school students. This year, the Mizel Museum will present the program at schools from Strasburg to North Denver over the course of three days. Two students and their teacher from Carlsbad High in southern California will introduce the film and engage students in conversation about the relevance of studying the Holocaust, and the impact the film has had on their relationships. Thanks to the Denver Film Society for making this important film available to adults in our community.

Price: $7.25 members; $9.75 non-members