Unbounded: Breaking the Chains of Modern Day Slavery

THURSDAY, MARCH 7 – Created by Marta Burton and Sheldon Sands, this concert is a multimedia performance that draws upon the music, historical narratives and images of Jewish and African American experiences of oppression and slavery, to raise awareness of those enslaved globally today. Performances by the brilliant Sheldon Sands, with accompaniment by local musicians and singers. After the performance meet with local representatives of organizations who are working to end current day slavery. Sponsored by Congregation Emanuel, The Spirituals Project and Fresh City Life of the Denver Public Library. Doors open at 6:00pm; concert begins at 7:00pm.

Dee Galloway

Dee Galloway

The ensemble consists of members of the Boulder Klezmer Consort, Sheldon Sands (piano), Eyal Rivlin (guitar) and Joe Lukasik (clarinet) who bring the passionate sound of Jewish Klezmer music. Members of Southern Journey, Dee Galloway, Ken Parks, Chuck Stevenson, Anne Rigley, Jennifer Adams and Marta Burton (vocals/narrative), along with Jeff Hooton (upright bass) perform the inspiring, powerful music that came out of the experience of slavery in America. Together these groups, along with narrative and images, weave an evocative tapestry of profound and uplifting music, educating, inspiring and calling people into action to bring an end to human trafficking.

The performance will be preceded and followed by a market consisting of local grass-roots organizations who are working to end modern day slavery. Information will be available to empower audience members by educating and giving them concrete ways to get involved in this important cause. We know that people will be inspired by the performance, and the goal is for the audience to be able to talk to experts, ask questions, and take action to help end modern day slavery — by buying materials from the organizations, offering to volunteer, making a donation, or any other contribution.


Watch an interview with creator Marta Burton.