Exhibit Tours for Classes and Groups

The Mizel Museum’s new exhibit is a dynamic journey through art, artifacts and digital media illuminates, narrates and celebrates the contemporary Jewish experience. The exhibit includes extraordinary photography of Zion Ozeri, original works by artists from Denver and around the world, and original installations by local artist Scott Lyon.

The exhibit highlights numerous themes that relate to contemporary life, including immigration, tolerance and diversity, Jewish stories and traditions, Jewish life around the world, the Holocaust, Jewish Colorado, Israel and more.

A central feature of the exhibit is the Community Narratives Project, a compilation of digital stories that serve as “living objects” in the exhibit. Digital stories are displayed in the exhibit and they are viewable on iPads in the museum’s library.

Our interactive gallery tour values visitors’ ideas and questions, promotes critical thinking, creativity and observation skills. Tours are customized for students in elementary school and up, and for adult groups based on specific interests.

Contact Jan Cooper Nadav at (303) 749-5015 to discuss a themed group tour for your school or organization.

NEW! Extend the Journey with Enhancement Programs!

Customized programs allow groups to extend the Museum experience and “build your own” tour. Groups tour the exhibit first and then select one of our Enhancement Programs to explore additional content that supports curriculum and specific interests.

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