The Rare and Magnificent Moss Haggadah

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13 – This exceptional work of art by David Moss must be seen to be believed. Moss, one of today’s finest living Judaic artists, revived the marriage ketubah as a major work of art, then turned to illumination and illustration of Jewish texts. In 1983 he was commissioned to create an individual hand-made haggadah — the Moss Haggadah — which became a splendid work created on vellum, containing paper cuts, gold and silver. You’ll get detailed insight on this amazing masterpiece and a delicious kosher charosest tasting will follow the program.

Now out of print, the Moss Haggadah was reproduced in facsimile and also published invarious trade printings. It is an extraordinary teaching and study piece on the meaning of Passover. The last copy sold for $35,000. Travelers from the Mizel Museum’s 2012 Art & Culture Trip to Israel met with this extraordinary artist at his studio in Jerusalem and heard first hand about his inspiration, his artistic process, and his current and future projects. A brief mention will be made about that experience, in addition to the announcement that the scholar Irvin Unger will travel to Denver in 2014 for programming related to another important acquisition of Temple Emanuel, the amazing Aurthur Syzk Haggadah.

Registration limited to 20.


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