Penny Nisson

Penny Nisson

Photo by Paul Docktor

Penny Nisson
Jewish Education & Rentals Manager
Phone: 303-749-5016

Has worked at the Mizel Museum since: 1995

My son became school age, my endeavor producing art as a showing artist was ongoing.  I answered a phone call from Ellen Premack.  She got my name from an artist I knew.  She wanted me to come into the Mizel Museum to speak with her about a job as an educator.  Long story short, I liked Ellen, was intrigued by the work, said yes and have been working with Mizel Museum in different capacities ever since.  It combines my love of art, Jewish culture and education all in one environment.  I am challenged to be creative and adaptable.  I love the fluidity of museum work.

What is something you have learned while working for the Mizel Museum?
That every visitor is someone I can learn from.

What celebrity would play you in a movie?
Sarah Silverman

Who or what inspires you most and why?
I pretty much live for art and design.  I am constantly inspired by the visual world and keep tweaking my own environments to keep current on the pulse of changing aesthetics.

What is your childhood nickname and what are its roots? 
My parents called me Skinny Malink because I was a terrible eater.  I have no idea what that means or how it is spelled.  I have never typed those words in my life.

What is your favorite Jewish food?
I like too much of it to be selective, but comforting chicken soup & Matzah balls

What is your favorite work of visual art?
I was utterly & unexpectedly shocked at the beauty of the David in Florence, Italy.