Paper-Batik Painting Workshop

SUNDAY, MARCH 17 – Explore the ancient and exciting process of batik painting—a wax-resist dyeing technique from Japan and Indonesia—with Dr. Martha Heppard. You’ll learn how to apply this ancient technique to watercolor on rice paper. and create a rewarding piece of art to take home. Bring a simple sketch (up to 11” x 18”) ready to transfer to rice paper.

Dr. Heppard studied at Harvard University and the University of Southern California. She started painting in 2004 under the direction of Molly Davis. Currently, her instructors include Rick Brogan, Boris Shoshensky and Kevin Weckbach. She has participated in several local, state and national shows. She teaches the technique of watercolor batik on rice paper across the Denver metropolitan area.

Please CLICK HERE to see supply list for additional items needed.Provided supplies include rice paper, wax and other materials. Workshop runs from 10:00am to 2:00pm
Price: $50 members/$55 non-members
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