New Israeli Cinema – July 2013


Bringing to Denver the latest in the world of film from Israel, New Israeli Cinema promises to engage and entertain from one of the world’s most vibrant, prolific, and expanding cinematic traditions.

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Directed by Amir Manor
Israel / 2012 / 96 min.
July 2, 7:00 pm
Hayuta and Berl, an elderly couple, find it hard to adjust to today’s Israel and to the social changes surrounding them. After years of struggle, the two refuse to let go of their communal dreams, and of their revolutionary plans to build a welfare state in Israel. During a night of painful disillusionment, the two decide to leave their apartment for a last journey.

Directed by Eran Riklis
Israel / 2012 / 107 min.
July 7, 4:30 pm & July 9, 7:00 pm
In 1982, amid the fighting of the Lebanese Civil War, Israeli pilot Yoni (Stephen Dorff) crash lands in Beirut, where he is taken prisoner by the combat-trained inhabitants of a Palestinian refugee camp. Among the captors is Fahed, a young orphan whose father was killed during an Israeli air raid. When Fahed secretly releases Yoni in exchange for passage into Israel, Eran Riklis’s emotionally charged film develops into an unlikely road/buddy picture. The two travelers share a mutual distrust that borders on hatred, but while navigating harrowing encounters at checkpoints, roadblocks and minefields, they begin to recognize each other’s humanity. With stunning cinematography that masterfully captures the stark war-torn locations, Riklis places us in a vivid rendering of the devastating conflict. Within that devastation, the friendship that develops between Yoni and Fahed reminds us of the possible human connection that is often lost between wartime enemies.

Rock the Casbah – SOLD OUT – We are working on adding an additional screening, please check back.
Directed by Yariv Horowitz
Israel / 2012 / 93 min.
July 14, 4:30 pm & July 16, 7:00 pm
The year is 1989. In an era of Palestinian demands for independence, the State of Israel sends young soldiers to oversee the Arab population in the Occupied Territories. After one of them is killed, the common fate of four young soldiers and one Palestinian family is sealed. The film describes the extraordinary journey of a young soldier trying to find his place in the chaos surrounding him.

Tel Aviv Beach Party! –  July 14, 4:30pm at Udi’s – Your ticket to Rock the Casbah includes entrance to the Tel Aviv Beach Party at Udi’s immediately following the film, complete with Israeli music, Israeli treats, palm trees and more! Ticket includes one drink at Udi’s. Full menu service is available.


By Summer’s End

By Summer’s End
Directed by: Noa Haroni
Israel / 2011 / 95 min.
July 23, 7:00 pm
It is the summer of 1978, a month to go until the Camp David peace accords, but Michal is not worried by world affairs. Her 7-year-old daughter Maya has yet to learn how to read and write and her teacher wants to hold her back a year. Michal rises to the occasion and vows that by the end of the summer Maya will read, write and move on to the next grade. But this summer is set to be full of surprises for the family. Michal’s father, Haim, who has been missing for twenty years, suddenly returns, and brings with him the family’s dark past and hidden secrets. By summer’s end Michal and her sister Naomi will have to deal with the past they have tried so hard to bury and the painful, yet liberating process will eventually lead them onto a new path.


Ballad of the Weeping Spring

Ballad Of The Weeping Spring
Directed by Benny Torati
Israel / 2012 / 105 min.
July 28, 4:30 pm & July 30, 7:00 pm
Torn apart by tragedy, a legendary band reunites to play an emotional final concert in The Ballad Of The Weeping Spring, a stylized homage to Spaghetti Westerns and samurai epics, shot entirely in Israel but set in a mythical time and place. With a pervasive pan-ethnic soundtrack serving as the film’s backbone, the story centers on the brooding Josef Tawila, once the leader of a Mizrahi band (a unique musical form combining Middle Eastern and North African influences), who lives a hermit-like existence in the wake of a terrible accident. In a series of quirky vignettes across stunning exotic locations, Tawila brings together his old musician buddies to grant the last wishes of a dying friend, while healing his own tortured soul.

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The Sie FilmCenter
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Be a leader in bringing important and cutting edge artistic material from Israel to Denver and enjoy numerous benefits:

  • The series attracts hundreds of affluent, educated, socially aware and intellectually curious Denverites to five award-winning films throughout the month of July
  • Associate your brand with new, cutting edge, critically-acclaimed films that shed light on unfolding
    contemporary issues
  • The series is professionally curated by Georgina Kolber, Curator, Mizel Museum, and Brit Withey, Artistic
    Director, Denver Film Society
  • Israeli film continues to grow in popularity and influence at international film events, and will continue
    to play an essential role in attracting and educating individuals all over the world about Israel today

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