Meet Anton Antonov

SEPTEMBER – This month we welcome a new artist-in-residence from Yemin Orde Youth Village, a home, school and safe haven to 500 at-risk immigrant youth from around the world located in Mt. Carmel, Israel. Anton Antonov, a recent Yemin Orde graduate, will serve as an Israeli ambassador for the museum, taking part in numerous workshops and special events, and teaching museum visitors about Israel’s creative arts community and the pop cultural influences seen in his vibrant paintings and photographs. Anton will create an original mural and sculpture for the museum, which will become part of its permanent collection. Stop by and watch him work at the museum and experience his unique flair and creativity with color and design.

Anton moved to Israel in 1996 from Belarus, part of the former Soviet Union, and arrived at Yemin Orde Youth Village without family, relatives or any knowledge of the Hebrew language. Three years later, he graduated from Yemin Orde with a firm grasp of Hebrew and confidence in himself as an Israeli. He served in a combat unit of the Israel Defense Forces and then traveled to South America to study. He is currently studying graphic design at the renowned Avni Institute of Art and Design in Tel Aviv and hopes to pursue a career in the graphic design and visual arts industry.

Yemin Orde Youth Village is a home, school and safe haven to 500 at-risk immigrant youth from around the world. Friends of Yemin Orde is the U.S.-based fundraising arm of the Village; for information visit