Leslie English

Leslie English

Photo by Paul Docktor

Leslie English
Bookkeeper and Office Manager
Phone: 303-749-5012
Email: lenglish@mizelmuseum.org
Facebook: Leslie Jungert English
LinkedIn: Leslie English

Began working at the Mizel Museum in: June 2012
I have worked for financial institutions for the last 30 years, as well as various other industries including security, printing and real estate.

What famous celebrity would play you in a movie? None would have the same nose…

What is your favorite way to waste time? Watching TV series’ marathon style via Netflix

Who or what inspires you most and why? My parents, Gilbert & Sharon Jungert. They have been married for almost 60 years and still have the same adoration for each other today as they did 60 years ago.

What Yiddish word do you most like using? Probably “schlep,” as in “Ah geez, schlepping another table upstairs.”

What is something you have learned while working for the Mizel Museum? That the museum is here for everyone, even if you’re not Jewish!

What is your favorite book?“The Fourth Reich” by Robert Van Kampen – Some scary stuff.