Israeli Stamp Collection

The small rectangular pieces of paper with glued backings that permit us to send letters from one place to another–postage stamps–can also be sources of history, geography and art. As postage stamps, with their engraved imagery, began to appear throughout the world, historians and collectors began to take notice. The study of postage stamps and their use is referred to as philately.

The Mizel Museum was gifted a large collection of Israeli postage stamps, covering a plethora of categories—festivals, holidays and happenings, personalities, government, patriotism and nationalism, medical and technical advances, the arts and museums, and nature and the environment. Our collection spans the decades of Israel’s birth as a state through the 1980s, and is nearly complete for each year represented. When you view our collection you’ll notice the broad range of subject matter represented, and if you look closely, you’ll see the currency change to the New Israeli shekel (NIS) in 1986.

The stamps speak volumes about Israel’s history, culture and people; they are a fascinating and vibrant addition to our collection. Please enjoy perusing the selection we’ve posted here, and if you’d like to see the collection in its entirety and in person, please contact our special collections library to schedule an appointment, 303-749-5016 or CLICK HERE to email us.

The Mizel Museum thanks the Rocky Mountain Philatelic Library for its instrumental role in helping this incredible collection of Israeli stamps find its way to us! The RMPL is a privately funded public library, open to all who are interested in stamp collecting. The dedicated staff and board are committed to promoting and helping facilitate the pursuit of stamp collecting as a hobby at all levels.

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festival stamps

Festivals, Holidays & Happenings

patriotic stamps

Government, Patriotism and Nationalism

arts and museums stamps

The Arts and Museums

nature stamps

Nature and Environment

Israeli personalities

Israeli Personalities

Medical and Technical Advances

Medical and Technical Advances