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Discover Jewish life and culture as a vehicle to explore universal themes.
The Mizel Museum’s school programs use the arts, culture and history to inspire students to make new connections with one another and the larger community, which inspires positive contributions to the world. Our exhibits and programs encourage dialogue and individual interpretation of themes that are relevant to students of all ages and backgrounds. Educational tours are tailored to meet specific curricular needs and interests. All schools are invited to participate in these Colorado State Standards-aligned programs. Scholarships are available to schools in need.

Guided Tours of the Permanent Exhibit
4,000 Year Road Trip: Gathering Sparks
The Mizel Museum’s permanent exhibit is a dynamic journey through art, artifacts and installations that illustrates, narrates and celebrates Jewish history and culture. Among the exhibit’s many elements are the extraordinary photography of Zion Ozeri, original works of artists from Denver and around the world, and fine art installations by local artist Scott Lyon. A central feature of the exhibit is the Community Narratives Project, a compilation of digital stories that serve as “living objects” in the exhibit. Our interactive gallery tour values students’ ideas and questions, promoting critical thinking, creativity and observation skills.

NEW THIS YEAR: Age-appropriate interactive programs
Postcard Adventure, is a compilation of 20 thought-provoking questions relating to the exhibit, honoring the personal perspective of each student while promoting understanding of the Jewish culture.
Scout About transforms the exhibit into a scavenger hunt for answers to questions for younger visitors. Basic questions about the art and installations encourage students to focus and think about themselves while promoting understanding of Jewish culture.
Art projects can be added to your classes’ tour. Steeped in Jewish culture, projects are designed by professional artists to encourage creativity and personal expression.
Add a tour of beautiful Rodef Shalom synagogue, located next door to the museum. This tour fosters a better understanding of the religious component of Jewish culture.
Our interactive gallery tour values students’ ideas and questions, promoting critical thinking, creativity and observation skills.

Extend the Journey with Enhancement Programs for Focused Content Areas
Our customized programs allow teachers to extend the Museum experience and “build your own” tour. Have your class visit the exhibit first and then select one of our programs to explore additional content that supports your existing curriculum. Teacher Guides are available with pre-visit activities to prepare students for a focused visit, as well as post-experience materials. Enhancement programs are adaptable and can be presented off-site at your location or school.

Immigrant Voices: The Community Narratives Project
The Community Narratives Project is a central feature of the Museum’s permanent exhibit. These brief personal accounts in digital format explore themes of immigration and cultural identity, giving voice to Denver Jewish community members from such distant places as Uzbekistan, Ghana, Venezuela and Iraq. Students are introduced to this exciting new medium of storytelling and participate in a guided discussion about the subjects from a variety of perspectives, which compels students to think twice before making judgments about people unfamiliar to them.

Jewish Life and Culture
Jewish Culture 101: Questions, Questions, and More Questions
Jewish culture values endless inquiry and interpretation, and all questions large and small are welcomed in this lively presentation. Learn about Rodef Shalom, the synagogue next door. Encounter the beauty of Jewish spirituality and explore how Jewish holidays and the rituals surrounding birth, growth, marriage and death have sustained the Jewish people throughout their history. This program includes a presentation, object display and question/answer session and can be combined with a hands-on art project.

US History
Pioneering Jews of Colorado
Explore the rich history of our state through a look at the rough-and-tumble times of the mid-1800s, when the first Jewish settlers migrated to Colorado. With the freedom to prosper, Jews played a significant role in the development of Colorado and the Rocky Mountain West. Learn about the history of early settlers in untamed territories who brought their skills, courage and wisdom to help build communities and preserve their heritage with neighbors from other cultures. The interactive presentation utilizes artifacts, objects, photography and video. This program can include a tour of nearby Four Mile Historic Park.

Eyewitness to History: A Holocaust Survivor’s Account
Students receive the rare opportunity to interact with and hear a Holocaust survivor’s personal experience in a way that is unforgettable in its immediacy and power. Participants can also view and discuss selections from a collection of digital stories about local child survivors of the Holocaust and their descendants. All presentations are age-appropriate, customized to existing curriculum, and can be offered both on and off-site.

Gathering Sparks of Courage & Conviction: Live Performance
Performing artist, producer and vocalist, Marta Burton, draws students into the stories of those who courageously protected, defended and fought for justice during the Holocaust. This interactive performance weaves personal narratives from the Museum’s Community Narratives Project, with live music, film, art and literature. Inspired by her work with Facing History and Ourselves, Marta invites students to consider the consequences of their own choices and begin to explore how they can become up-standers in their own schools, communities and beyond.

Intercultural Education
Masks of Many Cultures
Delve into the fascinating world of masks and learn how they transform and communicate across cultures. Examine traditional masks from the Jewish holiday of Purim and learn why masks were worn to enact an ancient story. Then, explore many cultural mask traditions which date back thousands of years, and learn about the significance of masks in ceremonies, rituals, and hunting. Performing Artist Betsy Tobin actively involves students in this participatory program. A hands-on mask-making program can be added.

Stories Matter: Hearing, Telling and Writing About Family Folklore
Professional storyteller and writer Cherie Karo Schwartz presents a window into global folktales in this interactive presentation about family folklore. Students are introduced to the timeless art of storytelling and oral tradition through several remarkable stories. Then, using Colorado Writing Standards, the tale spins to include elements of narrative structure and plot, leading to the creation and writing of students’ new tales.

Traveling Exhibits for Intercultural Learning
The Mizel Museum offers several exhibitions and associated programming that serve as a catalyst for intercultural learning and dialogue in the school community. The exhibits teach students through an interactive presentation of unique themes and rituals from different cultures. Exhibits are available for one- to three-month residencies and include customized classroom and assembly presentations. Exhibits and accompanying programs are adaptable to grades K-12. Call for pricing.

Intercultural Education
Ceremonies and Festivals
This colorful exhibit explores both common and unique themes in Jewish, Asian Pacific, American-Indian, Hispanic and Muslim cultures through celebrations, special events and family traditions. It consists of six exhibit cases, each on wheels, approximately 6’4” high and opening to approximately 6’ wide.

Rites of Passage
This exhibit demonstrates the universal circle of life/birth, coming-of-age, marriage and death—from a cross-cultural perspective. It consists of six exhibit cases, each on wheels, approximately 6’4” high and opening to approximately 6’ wide.

Repair the World: Tikkun Olam
This compelling exhibition by artist Christy Honigman features panels/columns upon which 54 participants from 27 countries offer their visions of a better world through pictures, poems and messages about social justice, compassion and peace. Curriculum includes exploration of language arts, social studies and geography and is available for classroom use. This exhibit consists of moveable free-standing columns that are approximately 7’ high.

Holocaust Awareness
The Triumphant Spirit
This exhibit by Denver photographer Nick Del Calzo features the stories of 18 Holocaust survivors. It consists of ten text panels that are easy to hang and move.

Life Reborn: Displaced Persons in Europe
What happened to Holocaust survivors in the aftermath of liberation? Their remarkable but little-known stories are the subject of this inspiring exhibit documenting the history of the rebirth of Jewish life after the Holocaust. Eight hanging panels are approximately 20” x 24”.

A Living Memorial to the Victims of the Holocaust
Babi Yar Park is an open air memorial to those lost during the Holocaust. Guided tours provide compelling testimony about genocide, history and human rights abuses of the past, and speak to inspiring a symbolic conscience for future generations. Babi Yar Park is located at the corner of Havana and Yale in Southeast Denver.

The Miryam Brand Holocaust Education Film Project Presents “We Must Remember”
October 17-19, 2012
Through generous funding from the family of Holocaust survivor Miryam Brand, the Mizel Museum is in its sixth year of presenting this fully funded program for metro-area middle and high school students. This year, we are “taking the show on the road,” and the program will be hosted at different schools from Strasburg to North Denver over the course of three days. Two students and their teacher from Carlsbad High in southern California will introduce the film and engage students in conversation about the relevance of studying the Holocaust, and the impact the film has had on their relationships. The Mizel Museum has a limited number of DVD’s and curriculum guides, produced by the film-makers for teachers who participate in this program.

At the Table with Dr. King
February 12, 2013, 10:00 am
At the Table with Dr. King is a traveling event coming to Denver on February 12, 2013. To be held at Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum, the program calls students to action and service in their communities through multimedia, spoken word and live music performance. The program immerses students in the sights and sounds of the American Civil Rights Movement, focusing on a defining moment in the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. when he rose above his circumstances and responded to his unique call to action and service in his community. The performance features award-winning band Dave LeMieux and House of Soul, and American National Slam Poetry Champion Ayinde Russell. CLICK HERE to register your class. Reservations are required.

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