Miryam Brand Holocaust Education Film Project

The Miryam Brand Holocaust Education Film Project educates students of all ages about the Holocaust through film. This year We Must Remember will be held on October 17, 18, and 19 at schools around the Denver metro area. Teacher/documentary maker Douglas Green will travel to Denver with two students from Carlsbad High School in California to speak about their experience in learning about the Holocaust through producing the film We Must Remember, and the impact it has made in the way they perceive language and relationships. For locations or to schedule the program at your school call Deanne Kapnik at (303) 749-5019.

We Must Remember is a documentary about sixteen American high school students who discover the Holocaust while spending a year producing a film on the Holocaust. Shot in Germany, Poland, Austria, Washington, D.C., and Central and Southern California, this unique film captures the experiences of sixteen teens as they interview Holocaust survivors and American veterans, visit two German high schools where they interview German teens on their perspectives on this part of their country’s history, and film inside three concentration camp memorial sites.

For information and to reserve seats email Deanne Kapnik or call (303) 749-5019.

Honoring the Memory of Holocaust Survivor Miryam Brand
Miryam Brand was a Holocaust survivor who devoted much of her passion and energy to education. Her family has provided the Mizel Museum with funding in her memory for the The Miryam Brand Holocaust Film Project, an annual program that educates students about the Holocaust through film. Each year, we partner with an area high school to produce a program based on a new Holocaust film. We utilize the school’s auditorium and invite teachers from across the area to bring their own classes to experience the program, view the film, and meet and ask questions of program participants – film producers, Holocaust survivors, actors, authors. The Miryam Brand Holocaust film event has touched more than 7,500 middle and high school students, adults and college students.

Past featured films include:

“I’m Still Here…” based on the experiences of author and speaker Alexandra Zapruder who came to Denver to introduce the film.

“Children of Chabannes” was introduced by director and producer Lisa Gossels.

“We Must Remember,” a film by 16 students from Carlsbad High in southern California. The students documented their study in a 32-minute film.

“Forgotten Transports,” an extraordinary documentary series by Lucáš Přibyl that explores the history of Czech Jews through their deportation and ultimate experience of Holocaust survival. The series was screened at the Starz Denver Film Festival 2010.

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