Community Narratives Project

Enhancing the visual beauty and uniqueness of 4,000 Year Road Trip: Gathering Sparks is the Community Narratives Project, a collection of digital stories that reflect the multi-faceted nature of the Jewish people. The project was created through a unique collaboration between the Mizel Museum and members of Denver’s local communities. Throughout 4, 000 Year Road Trip: Gathering Sparks, visitors can learn more about the diversity of the Jewish people by viewing these compelling and vibrant short digital stories. iPads incorporate the medium of digital storytelling in a way that deepens the learning experience for museum visitors and highlights the central themes of the exhibit, including immigration, resilience, Jewish continuity and family, community, death, the Holocaust and more.

Visit the Community Narratives Project website HERE, where you can view all of the stories.

The museum warmly thanks each contributor to this essential component of the exhibition! Their stories listed below can be viewed at the museum during business hours. Check back to our website every month for a new featured story.

2008 Stories of Resilience
These stories became part of the museum exhibit Voices of Resilience, featuring ten members of the community who modeled great perseverance in the face of a spectrum of adversity.

Francie Alpert Holocaust; Immigration; France
Aliza Bulow Conversion
Rabbi Sandy Cohen ddd Female Rabbis
Rebecca Gershten Rape
Moshe Luber z’l Resilience
Sarah Male Alopecia
Elisha Noy Founding of Israel, Immigration
Joan Wallach Eating Disorders, Hearing Loss
Linda Weiss Adoption, HIV


2009–2010 Immigration Stories
These stories demonstrate the great diversity of the metro-area Jewish community, and address the universal topic of immigration.

Tomas Berl Fleeing Nazis; Fleeing Communism; Ecuador
Judy Blaine South Africa
Jack Kamin Lithuania, Jewish Music
David Kazzaz Mizrachi Jewish, Iraq
Joel Odonkor Conversion, Ghana
Bluma Palanovaddd Uzbekistan; Bukharian Jews
Beatriz Pestana Crypto-Jews; Venezuela
Elana Reman Ukraine
Carlos Zarur Sephardic, Mexico City
Jeff Zhuk Belarus; Jews in Former Soviet Union


2011 Stories of Community & Continuity
The museum collected these stories to expand and deepen visitors’ experience of Jewish life and culture.

Alan Gass Babi Yar Park
Julie Geller Jewish Musician
Abigail Hirsch Fifth Generation Denver
Alyssa Kapnik Inheritance
Lee Fisher Rosenberg Tay-Sachs Disease
Ed Stein Social Action, Political Cartoons
Sheldon Steinhauser Social Activism
Sheldon Ciner Mohel, Jewish Continuity
Audrey Friedman Marcusddd Jewish Education
Miriam Hoffman Mikvah, Women’s Health, Jewish Continuity
Arel Mishory Women’s Chevra Kadisha, Jewish Continuity


2012 Generations: Survivor Stories
These stories illustrate the vastness of the Holocaust experienced in Eastern and Western Europe, Siberia, and Greece.

Irene Abosch Latvia
Eric Cahn France, Germany
Miriam Hoffman Greece
Don Krakowski Siberia
Renee Krakowskiddd Siberia
Gerard Rosenthal Germany, Belgium, France
Alla Shcherbina Sterodub, Ukraine
Joan Wallis Daughter of survivor of Auschwitz
Jack Welner Lodz Ghetto, Auschwitz
Maria Zalessky Latvia
Talia Zall Granddaughtter of a Lodz Ghetto and Auschwitz survivor


For more information about the Community Narratives Project email Deanne Kapnik or call (303) 749-5019.