At the Mizel Museum we believe that by honoring history, diversity and people we can create a better future. And we know that art can be a powerful vehicle to honor and celebrate people whose stories inspire a better world.

Places can also be a source of inspiration. Our exhibits at the museum and out in the community are designed to celebrate beauty and promote understanding. At Babi Yar Park we are working to create a symbol of conscience that will become a landmark of national significance. It’s a place for memorial gatherings, walking, biking, educational tours and quiet remembrance of historic traumas and the conditions for healing traumatic wounds.

The Community Narratives Project incorporates the medium of digital storytelling into 4,000 Year Road Trip: Gathering Sparks. It’s a compilation of profiles of 26 Denver Jewish community members highlight immigration, a central theme of the exhibit. The entire collection can be viewed on iPads in the museum library.

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The Krakowskis

The Krakowskis