Working Artists (formerly MMAA)

The Mizel Museum has enjoyed a long-standing collaboration with artists in the community. With the new membership program in place at the museum, the group formerly known as the Mizel Museum Artist Alliance (MMAA) has been restructured. As of April 2011, current and previous MMAA members have been extended the option of joining the museum at the Working Artist/Experienced Traveler level when their 2011 MMAA membership expires. “Working Artist” members of the museum receive a 25% discount on museum classes and programs. For more information about the Membership Program click H E R E.

Additionally, the museum will highlight its Working Artist members by holding one exhibit related event per year, to which all Working Artist members will be invited to participate. New museum members who are Working Artists should identify themselves as such when filling out their membership application so we will be able to contact them for the annual event.