Education Programs

Visit Us: Mizel Museum and/or Babi Yar Park


Available Daily. Call to Schedule

Mizel Museum
Bring your group to view our core exhibit. Learn about Jewish history and culture by experiencing art, artifacts, photography – and videos from the Community Narratives Project! Choose between two tours:

  • Beginner’s Guide to Jewish Culture: Been afraid to ask a question about Jewish people? This tour serves as a first look into Jewish culture, including holidays, traditions and the “road trip” of Jews throughout history.
  • The Power of Place: Finding Home: Explore how places shape people’s identity and history. Learn about Jewish culture through universal themes relating to migration, home and community.

Students/Seniors: $5. Adults: $8 (1.5 hrs+)
400 S. Kearney St., Denver, CO

Babi Yar Park
Tour this unique park and its monuments while discussing history, human rights and remembrance. The only park of its kind in the U.S., Babi Yar Park memorializes the thousands of Jews, Roma, Ukrainians and others killed at the Babi Yar Ravine in Kiev, Ukraine, during the Holocaust.
S. Havana St. & E. Yale Ave., Denver, CO
Students/Seniors: $5. Adults: $8 (1 hr)


Changing Faces of the United States

Available Daily. Call to Schedule

$300 base, plus $1/student. Min. 50 students (1 hr+)

This assembly, co-produced by hip-hop artist “Molina Speaks,” invites students to look at and challenge their ideas about difference and acceptance. Hip-hop, spoken word and collaborative poetry are combined with digital stories from Colorado immigrant and refugee youth.

Eyewitness to History: A Survivor Speaks Available Daily for 6th graders and older. Call to Schedule.

$300 base, plus $1/student. Min. 50 students (2 hrs)

In this assembly, students will hear a survivor’s personal account of the Holocaust, paired with video vignettes of Holocaust survivor stories.

Special Events for Schools

Miryam Brand Holocaust Education

Film Project

October 6 – 8, 2014

Full scholarship; FREE to you! (1 hr, 15 mins)

Stipends available! to teachers!

Sign up your school to experience presentations

and video narratives by Holocaust and recent genocide survivors. Learning from youth and adult survivors will teach students about the balance between assimilation and preservation of heritage and culture. Sept. 23 workshop will provide teacher training and curriculum. Co-developed and hosted by veteran educator Fran Sterling.

At the Table with Dr. King

February & March

Location TBD. Call if you’re interested in hosting!

$2300 base, plus $2/student. Min. 250 students

Bring your group to this powerful live performance focused on the civil rights movement. Multimedia, poetry and live music call students to action and service in their communities, in line with the Museum’s work to promote civic engagement.

Traveling Exhibitions

Bridges of Understanding

Available All Year! Interactive presenations available.

$150/monthly rental, plus $5/participant (45 mins+)

Bring to your location these traveling exhibits that present aspects of five unique cultures! Students can interact with these displays, exploring common themes like ceremonies, festivals and rites of passage.


Stories Matter: Marvelous Things

Available Daily. Call to Schedule

Students/Seniors $5 /Adults: $8. (45 mins+)

Through interactive games, writing and more, students will explore the stories of their rare artifacts and family heirlooms, while building cultural competence.

Pioneering Jews of Colorado:

Courage and Legacy

Available Daily. Call to Schedule

Students/Seniors $5 / Adults: $8. (45 mins+)

Students will learn about the lives and legacies of Colorado’s Jewish settlers, who helped to build communities with other cultures while preserving their heritage.

Generations: Living Lessons

of the Holocaust

Available Daily for 6th graders and older. Call to Schedule.

Students/Seniors: $5. Adults: $8. Add to an exhibit tour at the museum for $3/person. 1 hr)

Students will view digital stories by Holocaust survivors, and discuss

lessons from the Holocaust that are relevant to contemporary issues like bullying and bigotry.

Musical Globetrotters:

Music From Around the World

Available Daily. Call to Schedule.

$150 base, plus $1/student (1 hr+)

Through lessons about music and sound, students will learn about diversity, geography, culture and musical practices around the world. Led by ethnomusicologist Sheldon Sands.

Paula’s Window: An Eyewitness Account

of the Holocaust

Available Daily. Call to Schedule.

Students/Seniors: $5. Adults: $8. Add to an exhibit tour at the museum for $3/person. 1 hr)

Learn from Denver’s Paula Burger about her childhood experience of living and hiding in the forest during the Holocaust. Purchase Paula’s book to complement the presentation.

Stories That Rock! Hear, Tell and Write

About Cultural Identity

Available Daily. Call to Schedule.

$150 base, plus $1/student ::

Through language and rhythm exercises, students will come to understand empathy and action. Led by hip-hop artist “Molina Speaks,” who grabs students’ attention and helps them to find their own voices.

Through storytelling and folktales, students learn about themselves and each other, along with numerous elements of narrative structure. Led by engaging storyteller

Cherie Karo Schwartz.

In the Community

National History Day in Colorado

Mizel Museum is a partner in National History Day in Colorado. Contact us for resources, ideas and consultation in developing student projects.

Jewish American Heritage Month (May)

Mizel Museum participates in Jewish American Heritage Month. Set up a special tour in the month of May.