Deanne Kapnik

Deanne Kapnik

Photo by Paul Docktor

Deanne Kapnik
Director of Special Events & Projects
Phone: 303-749-5019
Facebook: Deanne Kapnik

Has worked at the Mizel Museum since: January 2007

While representing an Israeli artist, I made an appointment with Ellen Premack, Executive Director of the Mizel Museum, to discuss collaborating on a one-man show.  All of my education and experience up until the point I started working for the museum, and since, has informed my work here.

What is your favorite part about working for Mizel Museum?
Making a difference in people’s lives and the future of the planet.

What famous celebrity would play you in a movie?
Will Ferrell

Who or what inspires you most and why?
Great art. I can spend all of my free time in museums, especially if I’m with my family!

Who is your favorite Jewish artist?
Siona Benjamin is the first to come to mind.

What Yiddish word do you most like using?
Meshuganah. (Means “crazy.”)

What is something you have learned while working for the Mizel Museum? There are lots of amazing people in this community, and some that are… meshuganah.