2015 & 16 Education Programs

Mizel Museum’s education programs can be booked at your school, community center or at the Mizel Museum. Each program has been designed to meet Colorado Academic Standards. For more detailed program information, availability and cost, email details@mizelmuseum.org or call (303) 749-5017


At the Table with Dr. King

As highlighted at the 2015 Mizel Institute dinner, At the Table with Dr. King immerses students in the sights and sounds of the American civil rights movement through an engaging multimedia, spoken word, and live music performance. This program inspires students to confront hatred and to engage in creative acts of service and leadership within their communities.


Lessons of the Holocaust

The Mizel Museum is addressing the prevalence of worldwide anti-Semitism, genocide and racism by hosting a range of diverse and unique educational projects which impact thousands of students.


EyeWitness to History: A Holocaust Survivor Speaks

This unique program offers students the rare opportunity to personally hear from and interact with a Holocaust survivor, whose stories transcend history and offer timeless lessons about resilience, dignity, and living without hate.


Living Lessons of the Holocaust: Eyewitness Digital Stories

The profoundly moving Holocaust Awareness Programs offered by the Mizel Museum, educate students on the history of the Holocaust through the testimonies of survivors.  This program employs our signature Community Narratives Project.


Finding Freedom: A New Life in America

Featuring digital stories from Mizel Museum’s signature Community Narratives Project, this program highlights the experiences of people who have immigrated to America– some by choice and some by force. Students will learn about the difficulties of uprooting from home as well as the positive change that America has afforded so many. A dialogue about who we are as Americans and how best to welcome newcomers to the land of the free, will be guided by a Mizel Museum educator.


Stories Rock! Hearing, Telling and Writing About Cultural Identity

Understanding and appreciating the world’s diverse cultures has long been achieved through sharing stories.  In this program, an artist/educator will challenge students to think about their own stories and then delve into the art of storytelling in fun, interactive exercises.


Musical Globetrotters

With Ethnomusicologist, composer, teacher and recording artist Sheldon Sands, students will listen to and analyze the cross cultural sounds of music from around the world. Geography, cultural musical practices and the significant role music plays in conflict resolution and repairing the world, will be addressed.


Bridges of Cultural Understanding

Encompassing an array of cultures and objects, Bridges Cultural of Understanding is a traveling exhibit that explores commonalities among the ceremonies, festivals, and rites of passage traditions of people all over the world. The exhibition encourages an exploration of diverse people and cultural diplomacy, ultimately promoting a better appreciation of cultural commonalities