The Art of Shabbat

FRIDAY, FEB. 10 – Join a diverse group of community members for The Art of Shabbat, a community Shabbat dinner at the Mizel Museum. It will be an artsy evening, including candle lighting, tours of 4,000 Year Road Trip: Gathering Sparks, a delicious kosher meal and plenty of meaning. Guests will take home the museum’s Shabbat Kit to continue the experience at home.

Shabbat is an oasis in time separating the past week from the coming one. Beginning at sundown on Friday and ending on Saturday evening (by tradition, when the first three stars are visible in the sky), Jews are offered the opportunity to rest, relax, enjoy the blessings of life, and refrain from work! For many, Shabbat is a time for being with friends, having guests at the inner table, and taking part in relaxing activities. Our Community Shabbat Dinner does just that!

Date: Friday, February 10, 2012
Time: 5:00 pm
Place: Mizel Museum, 400 S. Kearney Street
For information call 303-749-5018

Shabbat table

Shabbat Installation from 4,000 Year Road Trip: Gathering Sparks