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The Mizel Museum is a portal to the contemporary Jewish experience. Its exhibits, events and educational programs inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to celebrate diversity. Fine art, film, literature, drama, music, sculpture and technology offer interactive experiences that promote community, understanding and multiculturalism.

Babi Yar Park is a project of the Mizel Museum and Denver Parks & Recreation. Located at Havana and Yale in southeast Denver, the park is an open air memorial to those lost in the Ukraine during the Holocaust. The 27-acre space is a refuge for reflection, and a place where survivors of crimes against humanity can gather and honor victims of terror or genocide. Steel from the World Trade Center will become part of the park’s memorial landscape.

For information email or call (303) 394-9993.

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Executive Director
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Curator of Exhibitions, Collections and Programs
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Director of Education/Rentals Manager
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Database Manager
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